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The Bitcoin List   Earn Bitcoin gambling.   150 satoshi every 5 minutes. Payout Saturday if at least 5500 satoshi.   Earn Bitcoin for viewing web pages for 5 minute intervals.   Earn up to 26.84 uBTC a day and more!   250 Satoshi every 3 minutes.   600 Satoshi every hour.   500 Satoshi every hour.   1000 Satoshi every 15 minutes.   750 Satoshi every hour.   Unlimited. 92 Satoshi every 5 minutes.   Unlimited. 85 Satoshi every 5 minutes.   500 - 5000 Satoshi every 7 hours.   200 - 1000 Satoshi every hour.   100 - 1000 Satoshi every hour.   333 Satoshi every 5 minutes.
FaucetBox   350 - 3000 Satoshi every 30 minutes.   100 - 300 Satoshi every 1 hour.   400 - 1000 Satoshi every hour.   300 - 2000 Satoshi Every 15 minutes.   175 Satoshi an hour.   300 Satoshi an hour.
Other   Earn money making links.   Earn Bitcoin everytime someone clicks on a link that you have posted.   Earn Bitcoin farming virtual animals.   Get paid in Bitcoin to read books.   1000 Satoshi every 24 hours.

Get 0.00000525 BTC or more every 25 minutes.
QUOINPRO.COM -- Free Bitcoins every 24 hours.
BITVISITOR.COM Earn from 400 to 80 satoshi each time you view a website for 5 minutes. Payout at 10,000 satoshi.
FREEBITCO.IN Win 220 satoshionce an hour,more if you're lucky. You can gamble with your balance as well. Cashout at 5460 satoshi.
EARNFREEBITCOINS.COM Earn free Bitcoins viewing webpages.
BTCCLICKS.COM Earn free Bitcoins viewing webpages.

To collect BTC you need a wallet program:

Generate Facebook Likes, Comments and Subscribes:

lap: 19tZYDtvu1b5gBhxKaZQi1Vb7zVksqXu3o
mlt: 16oycKF23U7Q2xbrYMPq3Z7d8VuU1iF7ya
mobie: 16fBLgSb8JiN7CRiHFFCrEfXj7CtetYatD
duo 1Ab4ZirSVcnqsPosqJbzU3Vq8QFnaiqgYT
dogecoin multi: DNHZ7e58CJKimnCgHqcAhCSE5MiuF9W61X

- Copy this to notepad. You may paste it to the receiving address text-box at faucet websites. Race the bunny for free BTC once a day:
Get paid to advertise!! :D your address once an hour to earn BTC View a webpage for 5 mins and earn BTC bitcoin posting links. Same thing as
http://earnfreebitcoins.comView websites to earn BTC paid to view websites site.
http://www.cointube.tvWatching Youtube videos to earn BTC once an hour to earn BTC
http://adf.lyPost links and earn when people click them. often gives out vouchers for this gambling site. forms of digital currency to other types free Bitcoins by boosting Youtube likes/subscribes, Facebook likes, Twitter follows, or Soundcloud likes. sit is very fun. You get to pick out lottery numbers, 20 an hour and see if you win. Pays out to coinbox. This site is much the same, only it can only be done once every 24-hours, and the CAPTCHA is a bit more difficult. If you are having trouble reading the CAPTCHA just click on it and it will refresh to a hopefully easier to read one. once per hour fountain. free faucet. It is at the bottom of the page. free faucet. Enter your address and complete the captcha and wait for your BTC. new free daily BTC
Other ways to get free BTC video watching site. tasks payout massive amounts. every 12 hours. Look at the site for two minutes. I just drag the tab off of the firefox bar and let the window count down in the background. guys'll pay you to view videos.
http://bitcoins.soThis one is pretty cool to. BTC to view ads your address to get 0.00006 BTC and entered into a jackpot to win .01 free BTC. You can refer people to this site as well so you can both earn at the same time :D your address and accumulate a small prize once a day. After a few days use the check address button in the top bar of the page to schedule a payout. like this one. It was down there for a bit but now they are back up. View a site for a few moments then answer a question about it and rack up your balance 3 times a day!
https://btc-e.comThis is a great site to play the stock market with your BTC. You can trade for LTC and NMC. Just make sure that you predict that your profits are going to be greater than 0.2%, the transaction fee.'s if they have any left! Every now and then they do. You might have to check it a couple of times a day.'m not even sure if this one actually pays out. Seams to be brand new but worth a shot nonetheless. Check it out. you haven't already signed up for an account at this site, the mother of all bitcoin sites go ahead and sign up quick. I think that you need to verify an e-mail address. Don't forget to jot down your details in your handy .txt file or whatever you keep track of this stuff on.
http://www.freedigitalmoney.comYou've kind of got to work to earn here but it's well worth it
http://coinworker.comSimilar to mturk, using crowdflower, I'd imagine that if you knew what you were doing this might actually be one of the best way to stack up those BTC site will generate Bitcoins for you as long as you leave it open. You will have to sign up for an account but it is well worth it because you do not have to install anything and it runs in the background. It will not slow your computer down as it only uses extra resources, so that if you start a new process it will not bog your system down. site is THE 3D MMORPG for bitcoins. It's mostly a gambling game but you have the ability to earn free BTC by running around and talking to soldiers. Every 2 minutes you have a chance to earn at least .001 BTC by talking to the soldiers. This is by far one of the fastest, easiest and most fun methods I've discovered so far. Go check it out and watch the chat on this game to find out more ways to get BTC all the time. tested this the other night and it does deliver, well, at least it did then, not working atm :/.$ for receiving a SMS message.
Advertising: with BTC
Purchase GH/s cloud miners for .1 BTC. The minimum withdrawl balance requirement is .01+ so don't invest unless you have enough to earn interest.
Invest in cloud mining with BTC to earn even more BTC
CoinBase addresses: Just click: Account Settings: Integrations.
-At the bottom of this page you will see your BitCoin receiving address.

DONATION ADDRESS: 16oycKF23U7Q2xbrYMPq3Z7d8VuU1iF7ya

UPDATED:December 18th, 2012

Other ways to make money online:

- - Offers a reward program for using their search engine.

You can simply sign in with A facebook account and earn up to $0.15 a day. Just run a bunch of random searches on whatever word you can imagine then open-in-new--tab all of the recommended searches until you've searched 30 things, switch to next facebook account, reroll. 10 facebook accounts and 34 days later and you'll have 50 bucks on amazon :D

- - This site will help you get views for your youtube videos. You can even cash them out.

- - Used to be really good, until they started asking for SS#'s. I've seen some services similar to them using BTC and crowdflower but I can't name them atm.

- - Just in case you do find a way to use mturk, this site lists all of the most profitable tasks that you can do. This site is pretty much what made me have to stop using mturk because I was making too much they wanted Tax ID info.

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